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  1. What kind of hidden fees are there?


    • We try to keep fees to a minimum.
    • We charge monthly dues.There are no signup fees and no contracts
    • Students will be expected to buy an appropriate uniform(gi) by their first belt test.
    • There are testing fees based on the rank being tested.  
    • There are annual dues to World Matsubayashi-Ryu Karate Association (WMKA) for those students studying Matsubayashi-Ryu.  
    • Hanto Seishin-ryu and Tai Chi students will be required to be members of the United States Black Belt Association (USBBA).



  2. Can I sit in on a class

    We encourage anyone who is interested to come visit for a class or part of a class.  Please call ahead so we know to expect you.  Also feel free to stop by before class to say hello.  

  3. Do you spar?

    We do not free spar in class.

  4. Why don't you spar?

    We feel free sparring can lead to bad habits and can cause too much chance for injury. Many of the techniques we practice, if done at full speed in live combat, can cause serious injury. We practice pre arranged sparring and live(non rehearsed) one step drills so that we don’t hurt our uke(training partner) while practicing, but when faced with a real threat we can still act on instinct to defend ourselves.

  5. What kind of weapons do you teach?

    To a true martial arts practitioner anything can be used as a weapon, whether it be a traditional weapon like a bo or tonfa, or something more modern like a fire arm.

    All classes have trained with other non traditional weapons such as belts or ink pens, with the philosophy that anything can be used as a weapon if you understand how objects can help manipulate your opponents body to give yourself a superior body positiion.

    Specific to the Hanto Seishin-ryu class, students will be expected to demonstrate knowledge and some skill with the following: hanbo(similar to night stick), tanto(knife), jo(short staff), bo(staff) , hand gun

    The Matsubayashi-ryu class does not require any weapons training however Sensei Winkeler is trained classically in bo, sai, tonfa(tuifa), nunchaku and knows numerous kata for each.


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